Specialised Treatments

Reflex treatment

Stimulating the reflexes of your feet is as ancient as touch itself. Based on the principle that your foot represents your whole body, this treatment can help you detox, stimulate meridians, erase chronic disease through treating the whole system, and help your body to internally rebalance.


Colon treatment

This is a uniquely naturopathic treatment of your colon by abdominal massage. Working gently and deeply, it allows the muscles of your major eliminatory organ to regain health. Strengthening the muscles in the walls of your large intestine is the simplest and most natural way to bring your tissues back to health. Your whole body's health depends on the proper functioning of your bowels.


Structual release

A flexible pain free spine is essential to our overall good health, therefore, when it becomes inflexible and/or painful to move our general health is affected in a variety of ways, including pain in the back,  hips, knees, and ankles.


Structural release treatment is a way of loosening up the spine in such a way as to send messges to the brain - via the spinal column - to re-align the spine and, as a result, allowing the muscles to relax and the vertebra to go back into the correct position.



Universal energy healing, this can be 'hands on' or 'hands off'. It is especially effective at relieving stress, pain, body imbalances, and internal problems. Reiki is ideal for situations where massage is not appropriate, this is an excellent treatment for the elderly and for providing relief to those with chronic ailments.



TFT or Thought Field Therapy (also known as 'tapping') is a therapy whereby certain acupressure points are tapped in specific sequences to treat emotional and psycological problems, e.g. anxiety, grief, phobias, jet lag. It may sound weird but it works!