Scar Tissue Massage

The production of scar tissue is the body's natural healing response to injury. Problems arise when the nervous system 'over reacts' to microscopic areas of scar tissue by keeping the muscle in a shortened, inflamed, and often painful state. Scar tissue can spread to different parts of the body, which will restrict both the movement and function of those areas. Where there has been abdominal or chest surgery scar tissue and adhesions can affect the internal organs - e.g. heart, bowels, kidneys, bladder, lungs, lymphatic, and circulatory systems.


The physical problems caused by scar tissue are relatively easy to identify but the emotional issues, which may also be present, are not always recognised and often go untreated, which in turn creates more physical problems leading to more emotional problems and so entering a vicious cycle.


How do you break this cycle?


Specialist scar tissue massage has been clinically proven to effectively treat the pain and immobility which results from scar tissue and underlying adhesions, in the majority of scars, no matter what the age. This has also been the experience of my clients; let me help you break this cycle.


As we have already identified physical scars can be much more than skin deep, whether its from a childhood injury, a minor accident (in the garden or kitchen), caesarean section or other major surgery,  or a battlewound, it has an impact on our lives; often in ways we are not aware of. To help me explain  I would like to tell you about George...


George is 60 years old and had major abdominal surgery 14years ago, since then he has suffered severe back pain and developed a stoop; his doctors could find no reason for these. George came to me for relief of his back pain. During the first treatment it became apparent that the large scar on his abdomen was the main cause of his symptoms and stoop. After only a few sessions of scar tissue massage George now walks tall and pain free!


Okay, so how does this work?


After a deep cut in the skin, no matter what the cause or where on the body it is, the cut begins to heal using scar tissue which is far more rigid, is paler and less pliable than our usual skin tissue. Due to the nature of scar tissue, its production often does not stop once the cut is healed; instead it carrys on spreading, like a spider's web, into layers of tissues and muscles creating what is known as adhesions. Often this results in your scar becoming hard, lumpy, puckered, and 'ugly', as well as becoming more painful.

Lots of research has been done on scar tissue massage which shows how effective it is in releasing the fibres of the 'spider's web' and freeing up not only the surrounding tissues and muscles but making the scar itself softer, more flexible, smoother, and pain free. It also makes the scar more natural in colour and less obvious.


This occurs with virtually every scar that is treated, no matter what the age, size, or situation. Scars can be treated from new (as soon as a wound is healed) to very old scars (I have successfully treated a very  large and deep scar which a client has had for over 25 years).


If you would like your scar to be less noticeable, pain free, have more flexibility, a better apearance, be smoother, and have more movement in the muscles and skin surrounding it; please contact me to discuss how I can help and to make an appointment.