Seated Massage Testimonials

Global IT Corporate

For over 10 years I have been providing on-site seated massage to a global IT corporate on a monthly basis. The comments below highlight the identified benefits of the service. 


"This is a service we can't afford to lose, it is not just the stress relief but also relief of muscle aches and pains. Working on computers everyday in a high pressure environment this is an essential service, we could do with it every week."


"Coming back to work after having a baby and suffering from back pain Carole is a blessing."


"I play guitar in a band in my spare time and suffer from sore neck and shoulders, working on a computer all day just exacerbates this. I am very grateful to see Carole once a month as she releases the muscles in my neck and shoulders."


"Whether it is for stress relief or pain relief, I always feel in a better place after a treatment from Carole."

NHS Trust

For over 9 years I provided on-site seated massage to staff of an NHS Trust; the comments below provide a small insight into their response to the service.

"Absolutely invaluable to me. It really reduces my stress levels."


"Office jobs cause sore muscles, this service helps."


"It is great for stress relief as well as targetting any specific areas of joint muscle pain."


"Found it beneficial to my health, reduces stress level and helped sore shoulder."


"Carole has the hands of an angel...Carole, you rock!"


"This service should be available on the NHS!"


"Its amazing the difference a 20 minute treatment from Carole can make to your life."