The following testimonials are provided to give you an insight into the benefits of treatment which have been experienced by Pause For You clients. These experiences are as personal and individual as the treatments provided to the client.


Scar Tissue Massage

I have suffered with back, chest, and abdominal pain for 14 years - since heart bypass surgery and four further operations to remove adhesions - I came across Carole after looking for someone to ease my back pain.


I went to Carole, initially, for treatment of my severe back pain which she relieved with one treatment. Together we identified that my other pains were most likely from my scar tissue so we discussed ways this could be treated and the benefits of scar tissue massage. We agreed that the best approach was to treat my abdominal scars (I have 4 major scars and 3 small ones dues to the numerous abdominal surgeries which I have undergone). Three treatments later and I no longer had any pain or discomfort.


What I don't understand is why don't doctors prescribe this sort of treatment? It is so effective and the results are fantastic.


Builder & Roofing Specialist

Massage For Pain Relief

Two and a half years ago I hurt my back and hip playing hockey. I then developed severe knee pain.


My GP prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers and referred me for physiotherapy. After several months of taking anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and receiving physio the pain was no better, in fact it was getting worse! I was referred to an orthopaedic consultant who said my only option was knee surgery; however, surgery would mean I would never play hockey again!


On the recommendation of a friend I made an appointment with Carole and I have never looked back! After just three treatment sessions not only was I pain free but I went back to refereeing hockey matches. Carole identified that in hurting my back I put my hips out of alignment which resulted not only in my back and hip pain but extra pressure being put on my knee joint which was the cause of the severe knee pain I had been experiencing.


Carole used a number of techniques to treat me, and as a result of the treatment I have had no recurrence of the problems and continue to enjoy my hockey.


Hockey Referee

Stress Relief

For me a monthly massage is not a luxury it is essential, as my job is very stressful and often emotionally draining - I work with primary school children who have been excluded and also their families. In addition, 12 years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees and hands.


I plan my budget around monthly visits to Carole because her massage treatments help me manage my physically and mentally demanding job, keep my perspective, and maintain my work/life balance. Also, since going to Carole on a regular basis (for over 9 years) I have not suffered with any arthritic pain.


Primary School Outreach

Specialised Treatment

I would recommend Carole and her treatments; as a Crohns disease sufferer for many years I now feel that I am in control of my illness not the illness controlling me. We discuss things in a professional and confidential and relaxed environment. Treatments are usually decided at the beginning of the consultation and delivered to your own personal needs.


Thank you Carole for all your help and continuing professionalism.


NHS Health Visitor


Sports Injuries

I attended Carole with a lump on my heel which was causing me lots of pain and walking difficulties, it turned out it was a fractured bone. Carole used different techniques to ease the pain and allow me to walk normally.


Post surgery (to remove some of the bone) Carole has worked hard to lengthen the tendon and stretch out the muscles that had contracted during the time in plaster; all her hard work has paid off as I am back playing competitive hockey.


Hockey Player