Pause For You

I started Pause For You in 2002 to enable positive touch through massage to be available to everyone, regardless of age or ability. I believe in an holistic approach and see and treat each person as a unique individual.

Why Choose Pause For You?

Because every person is unique every treatment I give is equally unique; tailored to meet an individual's specific needs and requirements at that particular moment in time, whether your request is for:

  • Pain relief in muscles and joints – particularly back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and wrist.
  • The treatment of headaches and other stress related physical issues.
  • Scar tissue work.
  • Stress busting.
  • Relieving the pain and life restrictions associated with digestive disorders and giving you back control.
  • Alleviating the restriction of movement due to stiff or tight muscles.
  • Treating injuries past or present, sport related, or simply due to life.

Your health is my top priority and we will always discuss and agree treatments before we commence any session.


Please be assured that I do not believe in causing pain to relieve pain.

I am a highly qualified and experienced professional massage practitioner who has trained in a variety of massage techniques and body therapy work. I have extensive experience in healthcare and massage; and have a large and diverse client base within Central Scotland, including private clients, corporate businesses, and large public sector organisations.


Unique expertise in modern treatments and traditional methods are all part of my approach. I provide treatments in my treatment room, the workplace (for corporate clients), or in a client's own home; but wherever the treatment takes place, be assured that your health, safety, and comfort are my primary concern and I always work to the highest clinical standards.


For corporate clients I provide seated massage using a specially deisgned and portable massage chair. For treatments available at my treatment room or in a client's house please check out the therapies I offer.


"Massage is not just what I do it is who I am."  Carole Griffiths, 2011.


"My philosophy is 'I don't heal, I help the body to heal itself', as expounded by Don McFarland" [Body Secrets, Unwinding Your Historical Limitations, 1988].  Carole Griffiths, 2010.


I sincerely believe that Hippocrates got it right when he expounded that 'the body could cure itself through exercise, a healthy diet, and regular massage', and the feedback from my clients would support this.




Touch is a basic human need which, in our modern and electronic society, is often seen as a taboo; but positive touch in a safe and professional way can enable physical and mental wellbeing allowing the body and mind to heal.


Touch through the ancient healing art of massage is well researched, showing multiple benefits across all the age ranges - from treating chronic diseases and injuries to allieviating the stress and tensions of modern life.



Pause For You At A Glance

  • A wide range of treatments available.
  • Specialist in pain relief, scar tissue massage, & stress relief.
  • Relaxed, safe, and professional environment.
  • Personal & individual care from a well-trained specialist.
  • Private and corporate clients welcome.

Find out more:

If you have any questions please call me on 07736 659202 or 01786 880721, or use the contact form