Welcome To Pause For You

Welcome to Pause For You, serious about massage and serious about helping you back to a pain free and stress free life.


If you are looking for pain relief for musculoskeletal issues, reduction of pain and visibility of scar tissue, stress management, support with digestive disorders (such as Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Celiac disease), or are wanting to become and remain as healthy as you can be…then you have come to the right place, I am serious about massage and I am serious about wanting to help you get back to good health and fitness.


Reiki... What is Reiki?

That is a very good question but perhaps a better one is 'how can Reiki help?'

Reiki can:


Help you re focus your life.

Enables you to relax mentally and physically, and help you deal with your emotions.

Helps your body to heal.

Help relieve back pain, lower blood pressure, and help improve sleep patterns for pregnant women; it can also encourage a more chilled out baby (if Mum is chilled out then Baby is going to be chilled...)

Help remove headaches caused by stress.

Help relieve in pain.


Reiki is proven to help people with cancer to have a more positive outcome both mentally and physically (in many cases).


Massage For Pain Relief





Is movement a pain? It need not be. Start your journey back to freedom of movement here...

From ancient times right up to the present day massage has been an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Massage was at the basis of Hippocrates work, he believed that the body could cure itself through 'exercise, a healthy diet, and regular massage'. Getting a good massage can do you the world of good, ergo getting a good massage regularly can do even more!

Pain is not only a physical issue it is very complex and can restrict our lives - often without us realising this. All of the treatments I offer have a single objective - to provide you with individual and tailor-made solutions for your health and wellbeing.


We will always discuss and agree treatments before we commence any session. You can rest assured that I do not believe in causing pain to relieve pain.

Scar Tissue Massage





Extensively researched and clinically proven - scar tissue massage is very effective in greatly improving the appearance, flexibility, and colour of scars.


Reducing pain and regaining natural sensitivity to the skin, underlying adhesions are also released and/or prevented, allowing freer movement of the surrounding tissues.






All scars benefit from this specialised massage; from the very new (freshly healed wounds) to the very old.

I look forward to seeing you and together we can begin your journey to optimum health.